What headshots should i get?

In most cases, a great headshot is done from the chest up with good facial lighting with small dramatic shadows, unless you feel the roles you choose match that type of look. Three-quarter or half-body shots may be good for printing, but not extreme close-ups. In any case, you must look directly into the lens as if you were staring into the photographer’s soul. Hands-in-shot, funky facial hair and peace signs are highly discouraged.

If you’re shooting outdoors, the background should be blurred and unrecognizable (or close to it). This allows you to remove the screen or print. If you have the Eiffel Tower in the background, no points are added, this is about you. The difference is that your headshot is going to stand out because you WANT it because if your headshot sucks, you look bad. A professional headshot photographer specializes in someone who is trained knows how to light people and does it to feed their family, not Aunt Sally who has a nice camera and knows nothing about photography.

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