Can professional headshots be outside?

Professional headshots are photographed in a studio environment, but outdoor headshots can be done professionally by following specific guidelines. If you’re looking for a headshot photographer, you may also need to decide whether you want to take your headshot in a studio at our outdoor location. So, sometimes, the question is whether headshots can be taken outside. In other words, can your headshots be taken in natural light? The short answer, of course, is that they can be.

However, are they better done in a studio? Each face has a different shape, and we change our lighting for that and subtly convey different characters. A bright and fresh commercial look is illuminated entirely differently than a dramatic movie. When you shoot headshots outdoors, you can find good light and shape it to a certain extent, but controlling all aspects in such a vast area is difficult.

In-studio headshots with a solid background tend to be better lit and look more sophisticated, which many professionals opt for. Not only can you achieve a polished and professional look in the studio, you also don’t have to worry about weather, humidity, or wind. If you choose to have your headshot outdoors, there are a few different looks here too. You can choose to create a more natural environment with trees or flowers or a more industrial look.

It’s possible to shoot with natural light only, or your photographer may want to add a stroboscope for better balance. If you’re an actor or model, opt for studio headshots as your main shots and consider natural light headshots as a side shot or for additional shots. Actor headshots should be updated when you’ve changed so much physically that they don’t look like your old headshots anymore. So can headshots be taken outside? If you’re looking for executive headshots and need one for the company website, LinkedIn, etc..


Good natural light headshots can be created with the right photographer to complement a headshot portfolio. Indoor headshots are more formal and less accessible than outdoor headshots, and people instinctively prefer natural light. In short, you usually want to get primarily studio headshots and then opt for natural light headshots to complement them. Maybe you’re considering that your options are in the Florida mobile headshot market or are simply looking for a headshot photographer in Florida.

And anyone can use a phone to take a headshot that looks like everyone else’s headshot. If you’re a model, get studio headshots for your most important beauty and full body shots, and use lifestyle headshots to brand yourself in a niche better you’re looking for



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