Can headshots be selfies?

The main reason a headshot shouldn’t be a selfie — or a photo taken on your phone — is that a headshot was made by a professional. There is much more to one than just the virtual push of a button. Looking for a career change after the pandemic? You need a good headshot, and these five tips can help you get a better one from home. A professional image can be used anywhere.

From your website to Linkedin and other social media. A good portrait is your brand, it is your emotional calling card. It must be fascinating, engaging, and a good reflection of your personality. I used the business option to rate headshots that were selfies and headshots that were professionally taken.

To get some great advice on how to take the idea home, I spoke with award-winning headshot and portrait photographer Ben Marcum from Louisville, Kentucky, who has lots of great advice for those who can’t make it into a photographer’s studio.


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